October 30, 2012

Our Flooring Adventure Begins!

We purchased our home new from a local contractor in 1999.  Nothing needed to be done as everything was brand new, never been used and sparkly fresh.  Then one day, with hot water leaking everywhere from the hot water tank, we realized the house is no longer brand new.

And then I looked down.  At the carpets.  Oh boy.  No amount of deep cleaner could save them.  A house full of boys had become very evident on the carpet. 

Warning : looking down at your flooring, I mean really looking at the flooring, may cause you to want to rip it out and replace it.  Which may in turn cause you to buy your spouse's favorite drink, offer them a couple glasses with their favorite dinner before bringing up the subject of replacing the floor.  Be sure to include the favorite drink as part of your budget numbers.  Warning over.

After searching online and price shopping at several stores around town, I found THE one.

The wood grain reminds me of old barn planks which I absolutely adore.

We chose a glueless laminate flooring system 12.3 mm thick - the thicker the flooring the greater reduction in noise.  As much as we would have loved to put in real hardwood, the truth of it is this : we have boys who love being boys.  I do not want to have to worry about my boys damaging hardwood floors.  I want them to be kids too.

The other point we considered was : me.  I like to try things and then after so many years, I like to try new things.  I love the look of this floor and in 10 years if I decide I want to try something different, I won't feel bad doing so. 

It's always good for a girl to leave her options open.  (My husband is shaking his head).

The demolition begins in a few weeks and the goal will be to have it completed in time for the Christmas tree to go up on the 1st of December.  Wait, I'm running a marathon that weekend; we will have until December 4 to finish the floors. 

I just gave my husband 3 more days, isn't he lucky?!?

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