May 21, 2013

Bi-Fold Door Transformation

The hallway closet transformation is complete!

Here is the blank slate I started with.
Honey colored oak bi-fold doors are no more!

This is what we have now and I LOVE it!

I couldn't resist a fun and unexpected door handle.
Although we added a lot of satin nickel with our makeover,
I thought the oil rubbed bronze finish looks great with dark wood floors.

Updating the doors took a weekend of my time and cost less than $50.
If you want the step by step of how I did this transformation you can find that here.

The entry hall into our home is now bright and light 
and no longer feels like a dark tunnel.

Next time you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi.
When I open the door to greet you, 
this is the view you now see :

It is far from basic and it makes me smile to see
that fun and funky chandelier in our family room.

However, I think it's time to replace that light in the hallway.

"Oh Honey...." <---sung in a sweet and melodic voice.
(I'll let you know if the sweet tone works.) 



  1. Came across your blog post while searching for ideas on trim and baseboards. I notice in your before pictures, your baseboards and trim around your front door and entryway were wood stained. Not only is your closet painted white but so is everything to match. It looks great! I have a 70 split level with dark trim and I'm wondering how difficult it is to replace with white. Did you buy new and change the size? Or did you keep existing trim and just paint? I love your closet (I want to update our bifold doors too) but it now makes me want to update all the baseboards and trim in our house. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chris! I pulled out all the baseboards and trim and replaced them with a different sized MDF. The baseboards are now 6" and the trim is 4". With the proper techniques and preparation you can paint your existing, I wanted a bigger baseboard and trim and therefore changed it out.

      Best to you and updating your bifold doors - I LOVE MINE. I still can't believe they are the same ones I started with, they look still look great and it's been a year! Good luck!

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