February 4, 2013

Element of WOW!

You know when you find the PERFECT piece of furniture and you just HAVE TO HAVE it?  That happened to me when I was pouring over websites looking for the perfect chandelier.

With such straight lines and modern elements we introduced to our home, I tried to convince my husband we could go with a crystal hanging chandelier for our family room, the main room in our home.  A perfect touch of feminine, I thought.

That didn't go over so well.

Then I found THE one.  
I found the perfect light until I saw the not so perfect price tag.  $900.  Really?  For a chandelier?

Determined to find another retailer, I kept looking.  Diligence paid off and I found it for less than half the price including delivery!  Before I could triple guess myself (which I often do and then regret my indecision later), I bought it.  1 week later it was hanging in my family room.  We have nick-named it "The Exploding Light Bulb". 

Friends, I give you my Element of Wow, my Pièce de Résistance - my new chandelier.

My biggest, boldest design move I've ever done for myself!