April 8, 2013

Helloooo Kitchen Cabinets

Oak, Oak, Oak.
It was time to part ways.
Our builder-basic home said nothing of originality nor did it even whisper a hint of our style. 
Armed with a small budget, we tore up old flooring and laid down new floors.

I spent countless hours sanding, priming, painting, cutting and staining the cabinetry.
We are thrilled ecstatic with the results.
Ok, I may be the one who is ecstatic as I am no longer spending every waking moment outside of work with a paint brush in my hand.
And if I'm ecstatic, everyone needs to be too.
Or in the very least, pretend to be.

Here is a reminder where we started.

This isn't so much a before shot as it is a during shot.
The walls and ceiling have been painted.
The oak trim is gone from the floors and windows.
The new floors are down.

The view from our family room.

And here is what we have now.

I love the look of board and batten and incorporated it into the cabinetry. 
I think it brings just a hint of farmhouse, don't you?
There will be more on that later.

 Just a splash of red.

It is amazing how much brighter and open the kitchen appears.
We often hear "WHOA, it's so much bigger in here!" when family and friends see the space for the first time;

which is exactly the goal in mind.

 The hardware on the cabinets are custom, to replace them would have cost us a fortune.
Instead, my husband sanded them down and I spray painted them.
They turned out fantastic.

To add a touch of whimsy, our monogram was incorporated into the design.

Well, there you have our latest redesign.
So much hard work and absolutely worth it in the end!

Over the next couple weeks I will spend time redecorating the kitchen, adding hardware and creating a fun back splash with an idea I have brewing in my head.

I'd love to hear what you think, do you love it as much as we do?
What was a favorite change you've made to your space?


  1. Tile Backsplash is a great addition to every Kitchen-and the Colors & Material are endless.
    I would suggest going to a Tile & Stone Business (or even Lowe's in their Flooring Dept. as that's where they stock Backsplash Material...) and retrieve some ideas & Color themes. Also, pick a color that will Compliment the color palate you already have in place. I'd use a Glass or Glass & Stone combination in the Backsplash to run with the colors you have in place-off white or a 'Travertine' that's off white (Travertine comes in may colors & shades of White to pale to tan to Orange, etc...)
    I'd implement the Dark Brown (or is that a dark Gray?!?) from your Peninsula/Bar and a hint of Reds to tie into your KitchenAide Mixer & other Hints of Red in the kitchen, an 'Off-White' Travertine and some Glass that compliments all three colors. Fyi Glass will again tie in the 'Open' feel & Depth.
    Good luck and contact me if you have any questions!
    PM me on FB Cheri if you want...
    -Rob Johannesen

    1. Thank you Rob! I will keep you posted!

  2. The kitchen is beautiful! Great job Cheri! I'm new to your site but can't wait to read all your stuff. I'd love to take tips from your already accomplished projects to inspire my own....some day hahaha.

    1. Thank you Amanda! It has been so much fun (ok, and maybe a little tiring) but it has been oh so worth it!! I have lots of ideas brewing in my mind. I'm lucky my family rolls with the punches!

  3. what color did you use? I have almost the same layout - my cabinets are pickled (frosted) oak, with white appliances. I want white but am afraid of how it will look with white appliances - yours looks great! what color did you use on the cabinets??

    1. Thanks LouAnn! The paint I used is "Betsy's Linen" by Valspar in semi-gloss. It is a warmer white compared to the cooler tones of the appliances. Good luck!

  4. I have to ask about the inside of the cabinets... Did you paint the inside? I have been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets, but was unsure what to do about the insides?

    1. Our cabinets are mid-grade cabinets so the insides were already white.

      To paint the inside of the cabinets it will save a lot of frustration if you remove the shelves completely to paint the interior cabinet as well as the shelves themselves.

      It will take some time to complete the project, but it is SO worth it!! Good luck to you!

  5. Did you spray the cabinets or roll/brush them?

    1. Hi Kelsey,
      I used a brush. I also added Floetrol to my paint to minimize the brush strokes. Loved how it works, but it did increase the dry time.

  6. Beautiful! Saw you featured on Better After! Congrats! Please come share your kitchen at our Link Party- Give Me The Goods {1 party,4 blogs!}!!

    Amber-Dimples & Pig Tales

  7. Great job! The brown peninsula and red accents are very striking. LOVE IT! What color of wall paint did you use?

    1. Thank you Annie! Can you believe I found that stain for the peninsula as a mismatch? I spent less than 3 bucks on it!! The wall color is called "Stone" from Martha Stewart. If you are interested, I talk about the colors I used here : http://burlapandtin.blogspot.com/2013/01/picking-out-paint-colors.html
      Thank you so much for visiting my little blog!

  8. You are amazing and Beautiful job! I love everything you did and your style is perfect. thanks for sharing
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