March 7, 2014

Adding Cabinet Knobs

 I finally did it!
I took a drill to my kitchen cabinets.
The thought of making a mistake on something so visible paralyzed me from doing anything.
So there my cabinets sat; crying out for hardware but I was unable to give them what the needed.

Until winter hit and I found myself stuck in the house - all weekend - for the second weekend in a row.
ANYTHING can happen.  And it did.
My cabinets met Mr. Drill.

Taking our kitchen from boring oak to a more modern feel with white,
I opted for a simple brushed nickle knob.

What I used:
9/16" drill bit
My son's ruler from his backpack

A look at our cabinets before I started.

 Looking at the cabinets I decided the best spot for the knob would be 
2 mm in from the sides and from the bottom of the cabinet door. 

They make great handy - dandy templates that you can use that require no measuring.
But I was stuck in the house in the middle of a winter storm and I didn't have one.

Using my son's ruler I marked 2 mm in from the side like this:

 Then I marked 2 mm from the bottom of the door like this:

I faced my fears and fired up that drill.
With the door closed I drilled through front the door.
Do not drill from the backside because you would then have to have the door open for this step.
Applying pressure to the door is much easier with door closed.

 Look at me using the drill!
Applause, applause, applause.
Ah, shucks - thank you!

 Using a screwdriver, I began screwing in the bolts into the backside of the cabinet door.
Continue screwing in the bolts until the bolt head is flush with the door.

The final step is twisting on the knob to the section of the bolt 
peaking out on the front of the cabinet door.

That's it!

Why was I so scared?
I have no idea.
Isn't that how it usually works though?

The improved cabinet door - ta da!

I love them!

Next on my list - finding the perfect drawer pulls.