January 28, 2013

Picking out Paint Colors

When my husband and I made the decision to spend the time, energy, and money to update our home little did we know how much time and energy it would take us.  The projects are taking up most of my time leaving me little time to keep everyone updated.  I wish I could, but I can't.

Sometimes I just can't find my Super Woman cape.

The walls and ceilings are painted.  The floors are down and as of last night I finished cutting and painting all the baseboards.  What a huge feeling of accomplishment that was!

When choosing the colors I kept the main color light to offset the rich dark of the floors.  The walls are painted this fabulous color called "Stone" from Maratha Stewart. 

What this swatch does not show you is how fantastically grey it is!  It is a very warm grey and looks incredible against the floors.

The trim I knew also had to be a warm hue.  We chose "Betsy's Linen" by Valspar.  This will also be the color I am going to paint our kitchen cabinets.

When chosing colors for your home, it is important to look at all the colors together.  I laid many, many paint chips on pieces of the flooring near different windows and doors to help me decide what looks best together.

These two colors look great together and balance each other well.  With the kitchen next on my project list I am going to be introducing a grey to the mix in hopes to bring an 'old and weathered' feel to a very modern edge our house has taken.

One of the many fun things that has come out of this remodel is the look of amazement on the face of our children.  Suddenly Mom and Dad have a cool side they've never seen before.

Wait until they see the chandelier we bought.