May 27, 2013

Picture Perfect Old Window

The first house my husband and I bought when we were first married was 700 square feet of never-been-updated-1950's-pure-bliss.

I'm fibbing about the pure bliss part.
But it was our first house.

The little old man who owned it before us left lots of treasures in the garage, including storm windows for each of the windows on the house.

Shortly after moving in, we replaced all the windows leaving the storm windows in a forgotten corner.

When we moved 5 years later we left a lot of the original treasures and on a whim I told my husband to pack one of the storm windows into the moving van.  I thought I could put pretty papers in it and it would make a great picture.

A few short years later, old windows became in high demand on the brocante market.

I kick myself often for not taking more of those beauties.

We moved into our home in 1999, I put pretty papers in each window pane and hung that baby up.  
And never looked at it again.  ( <--- highly embarrassing)

As the remodel took shape this year and we stripped everything out of our home, I saw the old window for what it had become.


It's ok if you cringed.  I do too.

I decided if the hallway was to truly be a Gallery Hallway then why not add more pictures?

The best part?  It cost me a $1.48.

I looked through pictures of my boys and found some great personality shots.
I sent them to be printed to Office Max.
Office Max?? 
A little known fact:  Office Max will print your pictures 
on Engineering Paper (11x17) for pennies!!  
For this project it was perfect.  It is not on photo paper, 
so it best to use this service for a project like this or one that involves decoupage

Here is how I turned ugly into personality!

The tools you will need:
1.  Pictures printed on paper large enough to fit each frame.  
2.  A template the size of each window frame.
My frames are 11 1/2 x 10 3/4" and I used one of the papers previously hanging in the window.
3.  Painter's Tape
4.  Marker
5.  Paper Trimmer

Lay the template on the section of picture you want shown in each window frame.
With the marker, mark the photo at all four edges of the template.
Line the marks up with the blade of the paper trimmer and trim.
Important : If your window frame sizes are not square be sure your template is lined up on the paper the correct way.

Once all pictures are trimmed, arrange them how you want them placed in the window.
Be sure the tops of the pictures are placed at the top of your window frame.

Flip each picture over and using the painter's tape, tape each picture into place.

Here you see that one of my pictures was printed vertically making it a smidgen too short on the sides.  

No worries.

I taped the picture into place and grabbed some scraps that I had previously trimmed off.
I flipped the scraps over and used the white backsides to frame in the vertical picture.

With everything taped into place, I flipped it over
and hung it back on to the wall.

A reminder of where I started ....

...and what I have now!

It was such an easy and inexpensive project making it super easy
(and guilt free!) to change the pictures out often.

The entire project took less than an hour and cost less than 2 bucks.
My lattes cost more than that.

I apologize for the glare on the window glass; 
no matter what angle I took the picture I just couldn't 
get rid of the closet door trim trying to take center stage of the picture.

Trim can be like that.

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