October 1, 2012

Bathroom Remodel: Before

When my husband and I bought our home, we decided one of the first things we wanted to upgrade was the main bathroom.  The room was basic and boring; nothing in this room spoke of our style. 

My mind started spinning ideas and the research began.  Quite often I can see the finished project in my mind and my challenge is to convey them to my husband.  He's gotten very good at not panicking and trusting my vision.  Yet, this was different.  This was going to be far bigger than just a coat of paint, this was going to be changing out everything and doing it ourselves.

Yikes.  Even I was a tad bit anxious over this as we had never done anything of this magnitude before.  I am also stubborn.  I knew we could do this.

This is the plan we laid out:
1.  Demoliton
We sold the cabinet, sink and faucet.  It was in great shape and I could no way throw it out.  We yanked out the linoleum flooring and stripped it down to the subflooring.  We also removed all the trim.

2.  New Flooring
With some great advice from friends, I tackled laying down tile floors.

3.  Install Cabinetry
We found exactly what we wanted as the sink cabinet at the hardware store.  However, I could not find a tall linen cabinet that I liked anywhere, so I made one.  My dad helped.  He's awesome.

4.  Install Countertop and Sink
The countertop was the most expensive piece we purchased and it was worth it.  Both the countertop and sink came from the hardware store.  Who would have known you could buy so much from a hardware store? 

5.  Install the Faucet
The entire room was designed around this faucet.  I LOVE MY FAUCET.

6.  Install Lighting and the Mirror
It took us awhile to find the right lights for the room but I am glad we waited until we found what we wanted.

This is what we started with...

When we took the lights down, 1980 showed up and snatched them back.

Next : the demolition begins and the tile goes down.

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