November 2, 2012

Inspiring Spaces

It's Inspiring Spaces Friday! 
Here are some of my favorite spaces I've come across this week.

I love the rustic wood used in this console table. 
I must say, it inspires me to make something of my own....

Isn't it great how the space that is often forgotten was made into built-ins? 
Giving it a dark color adds that special "pop" of color that is unexpected.

Mixing in stonework on the island with brickwork as the counter backsplash makes for this beautiful and organic space.  Love this!

Stonework as a placemat?  Genius! 
In fact, it has inspired me to do a project of my own.

You knew that would happen didn't you?

Hopefully you've been inspired a little today as well and your weekend can now be used to make your home a little bit more creatively yours.

Take what inspires and go DO.

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