May 3, 2017

Kitchen Remodel : Week 2, 3 and Probably 4

Progress is forward.  
But slow.

Behind the scenes, things are moving.
However, that does not always show visually.

My floors are still covered in cardboard.
The cabinets are now all firmly in place.
Design has been finalized on my custom piece and the new shelving.
The counter top people have received my quartz and mapped out my kitchen.
The next step is to cut the quartz.
Until the machine broke and pushed everything out another week.

Expect the bumps.

Expect the bumps.

(This is mantra)

Expect the bumps.

I remind myself of this as I'm washing dishes in the bathtub.  Again.

Our contractor is amazing which has been a huge blessing through this process.

While I wish there was much more to report, there just isn't. 

So lets just take a few minutes and drool over the picture of my new counter tops shall we?


Be still my heart.


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