May 9, 2017

Hallway Doors

Slowly and surely the honey-colored oak is disappearing from our home.


Our bedroom and hallway doors were in excellent shape despite being targets 
for nerf gun competitions and being in the line of fire for a mean game of sock war.
I couldn't see replacing them even though they are plain and boring.

First step was ripping down all the oak trim and replace it with the white molding
we did throughout the rest of the house and doorways.

With the molding complete and the weather getting nicer, I took the doors down and worked outside.

Oh how I love the sunshine!  <--- side note

Using a hand sander, I sanded down the doors with a medium grit paper.

After wiping all the dust away they were ready to paint.

Also in fantastic shape are the hinges.  I cleaned each set thoroughly.

I pushed the screws into a cardboard box and laid the hinges flat onto a
paper bag I had ripped open.

Using a spray paint for metals in an oil-rubbed bronze finish, I sprayed the hardware.

No more shiney brass!

<Insert jig of joy here>

But what color should I paint the doors?  

I adore the look of white molding and white doors; which I get to stare at every day in my front hallway.

(That project I discuss here and here.)

It looks so clean and crisp and open and light.


Here is the dilemma I created for myself : I also love the color of my 
breakfast bar against my white cabinets and the dark wood floors.

So after much thought, I decided to break out of the box of conformity once again.

I went with what you do not normally see.

And I love it.

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