April 18, 2017

Toast & Heat Marks

The kitchen remodel has made our dining room table Grand Central.

We do everything here.
Prepping, cleaning, storing and cooking.
It's just part of the process.
Even if it is a little maddening at times.

The remodel has made us masters at creative dinners that produce very little dirty dishes.
Paper plates are my best friends!

Not really, but it sure is nice not having to wash plates.

One clever night, I made breakfast for dinner.
We love breakfast for dinner.

I took out the tabletop skillet, plugged it in to the wall and created magnificent french toast.
Soon a mile-high stack was on a paper plate on my dining room table.

Everyone had their fill.

It was amazing!

It was great!

It was easy!

Then I moved the paper plate that held the uneaten pieces of french toast.
I gasped and felt sick to my stomach.

There it was.
The biggest, uggliest heat stain.
In the shape of french toast.

Heart stopping isn't it?

After searching online for some hints, with shaking hands I tried the following.

Ready for this easy, peasy 3-step process?

1.  I took a white towel from my bathroom and laid it over the spot on the table.
 Maybe any color works, I don't know.
I just knew white wouldn't bleed through when I did step 3.

2.  I placed my clothes iron on the hottest steam setting it had.

3.  With the iron hovering closely over (not on) the towel, I hit the "burst" function on my iron.
I did this a couple times.

It doesn't make any sense does it?
Here is a picture of the exact same spot.

Hopefully you will never leave hot french toast on a paper plate on your dining room table.
Yet, if you do this trick will help erase the evidence and make it a distant memory.


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