April 16, 2017

Kitchen Remodel : Week 1

We're a week in to the kitchen remodel.  
The vision in my head is slowly transferring into reality.
And it's exciting!

After a very brutally cold winter, we packed up the family and headed to Palm Springs for a week of sunshine and pool time.  A week away went too fast.  Pulling into the drive, we could see pieces of our kitchen neatly tucked into a space in the driveway.  

The remodel had begun just as promised!

I immediately went into the house and the kitchen we had known was completely gone.  
In it's place we found boxes of cabinets.  
And water.  Lots of water.

Within 5.7 nano seconds our contractor was in our house fixing the problem.  
As I knew he would.  
Why?  I had done my homework. 
(Please read about this crucial step here.)

He took care of us and the problem was solved.

Expect the bumps.

Know what else you can expect? 

Lord have mercy.  There is dust.

We have dark wood floors throughout most of our home.
There ain't no hiding that dust.
Many times I remind myself it's temporary.

Again and again and again.

I've also had to get use to things not being where they normally belong.

Doesn't everyone have an armoire in front of their slider door?

And this, my friends, is Grand Central.
My dining room table is everything but a dining room table.
It's our prep space,
cupboard space,
counter space.

Even as I type, I've secured a tiny little spot of the table while staring at the pancake syrup.

Despite the chaos of not having a kitchen, we are loving the transformation.

Next week, the countertop process begins!


  1. People always plan remodelling projects but wait too long to do it. Congratulations on getting started; it's inspiring. Remodelling is fun. I recently renovated my kitchen counters and I just let my creativity flow. I’m very happy and pleased with the result. The counters look amazing. Hope you get the results you have in your mind.

    1. Thank you Helen!! We are in the final stages and I will be posting updates soon. Oh, I am just in love with my kitchen!!