February 20, 2017

The Un-Do Redo Kitchen

 Hello?  Hello?
Thank you for still being here friends.
I wish I could say my family and I have been traveling the world the last couple of years.
Fun things as spending time scouring flea markets in France, sipping Café au lait in Italy, or exploring castles in England.

Reality is life was difficult.  Really difficult.
I am feeling more like myself these days and the creative juices are flowing once again.

But first, a confession.

I hired a contractor.  GASP!  

A proclaimed Do-It-Yourselfer and I hired a contractor.  Because I'm smart.
(There will be more on this later as this is a big and very important step).

We took a good long look at our kitchen and decided to gut it and start over. 
Are you ready to follow me on this journey? 
Do you promise to pat my hand and say "there-there" when I am at my wit's end?
Can you just smile big and nod at me when I start to obsess over the most minute detail?


A reminder of what our kitchen looked like when we moved in 18 years ago.
Builder Basic.  No bells, no whistles, no decorative thought whatsoever.

It's ok, you can yawn.  We did.

Wanting light and airy, I went to town with the paint brush, and stain.
This is how our kitchen looks today.
We still love it despite the paint wearing in spots.

What we are both ready for are cabinets without paint, quartz counter tops and new appliances.

We are gutting the heart of our home.

Let the journey begin!


  1. Hi, I found your blog when searching for door trim ideas. I love the way you did yours and just may copy it ;). I have a question about your floors. I'm putting in laminate flooring throughout the house including the kitchen. The carpet has got to go. However, in several years, we want to remodel the kitchen. I was just wondering what type of flooring will you put in yours? Will you leave that floor in and try to match it or will you put something else in? I'm trying to decide how I'll handle it in the future and just wanted to see what other people have done. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ninacan! When we purchased the laminate floors, we purchased extra at the suggestion of the salesman. You always want to buy extra and in our case it is working very much in our favor! :) We will re-use what we can, and use the additional unopened boxes we have in storage. Best of luck to you in your remodel!

  2. I think that's the way we were leaning too. Thanks so much!